Libro 560 // Ph. Antonio Angri

Sound installation by Daniela Allocca

Festival Fantasiologico, 22-28 November, Benevento

Libro 560 is an invitation to enter an improvised rest area where one can abandon oneself to listening to/reading “fake” books.

It is a post-fossil writing project, i.e. a writing that is not born from digging and marking furrows, but from listening and from the ability to reformulate what one feels in the material of the books and in the places where they have been read. The image of writing has been linked to the gesture of furrowing, just think of Derridà, of the différance that prepares writing for speech, since it is only writing that maintains the difference.

The path to becoming a poet in Novalis’ Einrich von Ofterdingen passes through an encounter with the miner, but the poet is Klingsohr / Sonorous Ear. With Libro 560 you try to stay on the surface, you leave pen and paper behind and connect ear and mouth, air to air. A survival exercise.

Search for a different way of relating to one’s creative resources. Surface, air vs. digging and exploiting the subsoil. Tactile crossing of places and presence of being. A non-writing, a pioneer species that arises from terrain rendered inhospitable, that probably has roots in the air like tillandsias.