Waste Kompost Radio is a sonic composting art project.

The Radio

WKR is a constant radio flow composed of sonic waste discarded during editing processes. During the year, WRK invites artists, musicians and radios to contribute by sending their sonic waste which will be processed through neo-built algorithms which gradually decompose the sonic information throughout the year, applying the same mechanisms of biological and chemical reactions which decompose organic material into compost.WRK will be available to listen to as a web stream on your phone, computer or internet radio at home.

WKR is a sympoietic act of creation
WKR is Ulysses rejecting the wax corks
WKR is a process from abandonment to abundance

Editorial team

Alan Alpenfelt | Waste collector and co-editor
Daniela Allocca | Mychelium runner and co-editor


link: wastekompostradio